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We simplify website hosting.  

Our managed hosting service provides fast secure hosting for non-technical gurus. It uses High-Speed Amazon SSD (Solid State Drives) which are reliable business servers. Includes website security with 57 layers of protection to keep your sites safe from hackers.

Hosting Includes

- Managed Secure Hosting
- SSL 256 bits Site Security
- Weekly Backups
- Fast SSD Servers
- 1 hr Site Updates Per Month Included, Extra $100/hr


- Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid State Drives' (SSDs') data transfer speed is up to 20 times faster, and your visitors will immediately experience the difference.

- Fast Loading Time

The special combination of our AMAZON High-Speed SSD Web Server and cache technologies gives you exceptional quality, fast cloud hosting.

- Unique IP Address

Unique IP addresses maximize your Search Engine Optimization by avoiding Google’s red flags.

- Amazon Servers

Our hosting service uses the same fast and reliable servers that are run by a multi-billion dollar company,  Amazon.


- Protection Against Hackers

57 comprehensive tests and preventive measures stop hackers from getting access to your website.

- Weekly Scans

Scans of all of your plugins and themes will be done weekly to monitor the safety of your website.

- Automatically Blocks Known Hackers' IP’s

Our proprietary security software keeps track of all known hackers' IP addresses and automatically blocks them from your website.

- Protect Your Customers and Subscribers

Give your website visitors the peace of mind that when they fill out the information on your website it will stay private.

Back-Up Service

- Automated Scheduled Backups

We automatically back up your website weekly, so you’ll never have to worry about having an outdated backup of your website.  And you can easily make an additional manual backup at any time you desire.

- Restore the Previous Backup

With just one click, you can restore any previous backups made in the last three weeks.

- No Plugins or Software Required

Eliminate all technical barriers by saving backups without any plugins, downloads, or software required.

$97.00 per Month

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